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SugarCRM is commercial open sources complete CRM Application. With SugarCRM your entire company gets on the same page for Sales, Support and Marketing.

Sales Force Automation

For the Sales Team, SugarCRM increases the productivity, accelerates sales cycles and reduces surprises.

Sugar drives the sales performance by facilitating Sales Team to track and share contacts, accounts and opportunities allowing them to upsell into existing accounts. The team manage quotes and contracts, forecast revenue and monitor performance through reports and dashboards.

Team can access the application anywhere anytime through mobile and Office Plugins allow seamless integration with Outlook, Word and Excel.

Marketing Automation

For the Marketing Team, generates more leads, align with Sales and measures effectiveness.
Sugar tightly integrates the Sales and Marketing teams. It allows marketing team to create, manage, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels with campaign wizard. Marketing team can create compelling email campaigns and capture the resulting leads directly into SugarCRM’s Web-To-Lead forms. Results and ROI can be directly calculated through reports and Analytics provided by the system.

Customer Support Automation

For the Support Team, improves the customer satisfaction and keep costs under control.
With SugarCRM as the core support platform, companies can better manage all of their customer interactions, and create a unified face to the customer to better address their needs in a cost-effective and complete manner. The Case Management module allows users to see a detailed view of customer requests and responses. These can be phone calls, emails or other types of exchanges, all tracked and easy to view within the Sugar user interface. The Case Escalation Engine allows automating most of the responses and escalation mechanisms. A central Knowledge Base module can store product information, company data as well as other articles geared towards supporting customers such as troubleshooting best practices or preview issues resolutions processes that have proven cost effective.


For the Management Team it provides comprehensive reports. It allows the management team to monitor and measure key metrics across your business.
SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards allow users to gain real-time insight into how your company is performing across key areas. Sales Forecasts allows sales representatives and managers to gain a cleared understanding of quote attainment and reduce surprises at the end of the quarter.
The Mobile Client allows the employees to access SugarCRM anywhere, anytime.
Sugar Mobile delivers rich presentation of the entire SugarCRM application on blackberry, iPhone and other smart phone devices.
The Collaboration feature set aligns the employees around customers. Finally the SugarCRM Platform allows companies to extend SugarCRM to match business needs.

SugarCRM Community Edition

Sugar Community provides the sales, marketing and support features your team needs to achieve fast results. Sugar Community is offered On-Demand so your company can focus on creating and retaining customers while SugarCRM® handles the maintenance, updates and support of the application.

CRM Essentials

Sugar Community is designed for individuals and small teams Core CRM features help employees get on the same page while more complex functionality is stripped away. Sugar Community is ideal for providing a single view of the customer from the initial marketing campaign through the sales cycle and onto customer support. With Sugar Community, companies have a single system of truth for managing customer interactions.

Rapid, Web-Based Deployment

Using a world-class CRM system has never been easier. Sugar Community is accessed through a web browser with maintenance and updates managed by SugarCRM. Your business can focus on what you do best, SugarCRM will take care of maintaining and updating your CRM application.

Low Cost and Fast Results

Sugar Community is a low-cost solution that delivers proven results. Used by over 50,000 customers across the world, Sugar Community has been recognized by leading publications for its ease-of-use and intuitive design. Sugar Community is offered as an annual subscription so your company can keep costs low while improving business results.


Sales Force Automation
Sales pipeline dashboard
Marketing Automation
Email marketing
Online lead capture
Web-to-Lead forms
Newsletter management
Lead source dashboard


Customer Support
Case management
Bug tracking
Email management
Case escalation and queuing

·   Activity    management
·   Document management
·   Shared calendar
·   Employee directory
·   Web portals
·   Project management
Ajax email client

Module builder
Custom fields
Custom objects
Custom modules
Custom record types
Drag-and-drop custom
Configure tabs
Assignment notification

Data import and exports
Import de-duplication
Upgrade wizard




Custom links
Web-services API
Sugar Feeds Dashlets
Cloud Connectors
My Portal Dashlet

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