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Tech Infomatrix can support you with an experienced SAP team working for you on a task-by-task basis. EISs Support Services gives you experienced SAP resources on-call to handle all your technical and functional needs. A dedicated team that possesses a deep knowledge of your SAP systems are made available will work consistently for you.
Remote support coverage of all key SAP areas  Production Support and Development

Basis – architecture management, security, transport management, system & client refreshes
Technical – services including ABAP, JAVA, NetWeaver components and interface development

Functional – application configuration, best business practices, application integration

Technical infrastructure – database and operating systems administration, backups

Our ABAP developers engineer complex application components and integrate software packages, programs and reusable objects residing on multiple platforms for SAP business process areas. Let us develop innovative solutions to meet your company's needs, never settling for the easiest solution if it's not the best solution. Mind Works ABAP developers average 9 years of SAP development experience.
We offer complete implementation services in a very rapid timeframe.  Our goal is to have your organization up and running in production as fast as possible.  We focus on implementing the core functionality of the software product so that your organization can start to quickly receive benefits from your financial investment in the software you selected.  In addition to implementing the software, we also offer software selection services.  We have many years of experience working with the various E-enterprise/ERP software products that are out in the marketplace which enables us to effectively pin-point the best software solution for your business.  Once the core functionality of the E-enterprise/ERP software has been successfully implemented, we work with our clients to develop an E-commerce strategy if one is desired.
An effective approach to E-commerce can be beneficial to many types of businesses, but may not be realistic or necessary for all types of organizations.  Our goal with respect to E-commerce solutions is to help our clients to increase the availability and flow of the appropriate data/information between our client and its suppliers as well as its customers.  A successful E-commerce implementation can, among other things, increase sales, minimize inventories, and decrease product cycle times.
Tech Infomatrix - offers a full range of E-enterprise/ERP services.  The following information provides an overview of some of the services that we are capable of performing for companies seeking advice and assistance in the selection, implementation, and training associated with the purchase of an  E-enterprise/ERP software application.  We can also handle special requests.  Please contact us for more information.    

Software Selection-We have many years of experience working with a wide variety of E-enterprise/ERP software products.  Let us help you to select the appropriate software application for your business.  We work with your company to define and document your business requirements, and then perform and provide a documented analysis and evaluation of the E-enterprise/ERP software products that are suitable for your organization based on the defined business requirements.

System Implementation-We have performed many implementations of a wide variety of E-enterprise/ERP software applications for various types of businesses.  Our philosophy is to provide a rapid and successful implementation at a low cost to our clients.  Whether it is installing hardware and software, performing software upgrades and data migrations, or configuring and rolling-out new software functionality, we have the ability to provide these services, among others, for your business.   We take the 'hassle' out of performing these major IT initiatives and at the same time minimize the risks associated with these projects.  Our project management philosophy is to provide our clients with project work plans and periodic status meetings so that they always know where the project is in regard to the over-all timeline.  

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